16 Nov 2011
I'm happy to announce that pre-production has started on Souobenoi's first music video, for the upcomming album. Also the page has just been updated with a video player, so two tracks previously available through YouTube are also avaialble here.

8 Nov 2011
Souobenoi has just joined Google+. Visit the page and add Soubenoi to one of Your circles :)

16 Dec 2010
You can now become a fan of Souobenoi on Muzzo.pl. Visit the profile at http://souobenoi.muzzo.pl/

1 Dec 2010
New photos :) The photo session "Evening Jamming" is over and the photos can now be seen on the website.

28 Nov 2010
Welcome to Europe! The website is available also from souobenoi.eu

19 Oct 2010

The blog just got an update today with some thoughts on pro-copyright organizations and Operation Payback (is a bitch).

28 Sep 2010

"First Ira rain" is now available on Last.fm. Also new blog post about the track and the Scarlet Calendar got published.

24 Sep 2010
The website got a small update today. Streaming of the whole 8-bit cognition and a part of Longing for the Red Planet has been added in the discography section.

22 Sep 2010

Finally the new website is open and active. You will be able to find here music, photos and info about Souobenoi. Also section about Mars is available as it is important to Souobenoi's work.
Apart from that the new album titled Longing for the Red Planet has been announced and some of the first tracks are available for download.