Souobenoi is a one person project that emerged from the need to create and to be heard, started by someone going by the name Leszek.
Being inspired by video game music artists like Frank Klepacki or Nobuo Uematsu and video games in general, he wanted to create music that could re-capture the emotions which run through the player, while experiencing most unforgettable games like Doom, Final Fantasy or, Command & Conquer or The Longest Journey. Although he started out as drummer, the cooperation with other people never allowed to direct the music in his own way. Diversifying his instrumental abilities enabled him to take all of the music in his own hands and forge dreams into sound.

Souobenoi's home is Gdynia, Poland, on southern coast of the Baltic Sea.
Being a strong supporter of free culture all of work by Souobenoi is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.

Historically Souobenoi, according to Ptolemy, was a tribe living near the Volga river. It has been suggested that they were one of the first Slavic tribes.